The Best Cars For Big Families

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If you have a big family you know that trying to pack everyone into an inappropriate vehicle is a nightmare. Here are a few vehicles that can make everything from the trip 2014 Odyssey 3to the grocery store to the cross-country tour that much easier for you and your brood!

  1. The Honda Odyssey: With smart features like easily folding seats, available vacuum cleaner, a fuel efficient 3.5L V6, and plenty of space for you, your family, and your luggage, the Odyssey is an easy choice. It’s far from the least expensive minivan on the market, however.
  2. The Toyota Sienna: Toyota’s minivan costs a bit less than Odyssey, but packs almost the same amount of comfort, convenience, and efficiency. Some standard features include leather seats, and plenty of storage.
  3. The Toyota Highland Hybrid: With a fantastic fuel economy rating of 28 mpg combined based on EPA estimates, it’s hard to imagine a more economical vehicle for large families than this three row crossover.
  4. The Lincoln MKT: This upscale crossover gives you three rows of seating and a long list of standard features, along with something that most family haulers can’t boast: style.
  5. The Chevrolet Suburban: This long running truck-based SUV is ideal for those who really do need a ton of space and many many tons of towing capacity. The Suburban can also tackle some off-road terrain if necessary and can seat up to nine with available bench seats.
  6. The Mazda Mazda5: This mini-minivan is perfect for families of up to six. It’s more maneuverable and more fuel efficient than many full-size minivans, but offers plenty of space inside!
  7. The Dodge Durango: The old Durango was a rugged, truck-based SUV, but the new model is a smooth riding, easy to drive, comfortable crossover, with three rows of seating.
  8. The Infiniti QX56: This luxury SUV comes packed with high-tech features, including available preventative safety features like adaptive cruise control, adaptive headlights, and collision warning systems. If safety is your first priority look out for these features.
  9. The Chevrolet Traverse: This three row crossover should be on every large family’s list. It offers convenient features like remote start and a parking aid standard.
  10. The Nissan Pathfinder: Much like the Durango and the Highlander, the Pathfinder has made the jump to a crossover format from its old truck-based setup. Nissan nailed the execution and the current Pathfinder is a comfortable, spacious, and stylish three row crossover.

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