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Top 10 Towing Features for Pickups

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If you’re a driver that’s looking to get the most out of their pickup truck, there’s a list of features you should be looking at that make towing easier. We’ve got ten of them for our car fans.2015 Chevrolet Silverado 3500HD towing crop (Custom)

Top Towing Features

  1. In-bed storage: When you tow, you need more than just a trailer, but you don’t want it to get in the way of your everyday hauling. That’s where in-bed storage and features like the RamBox Cargo Management System (on Ram pickups) can help out. Always handy, never in the way.
  2. Rearview camera: It can be tough to back up a big truck without a trailer. When you are backing up with a trailer or backing up to hitch a trailer, a rearview camera is essential.
  3. Trailer brake controller: It used to be that you’d have to drill in holes and manually install a controller for your trailer’s brakes, but now many vehicles come with them installed. Be sure that yours does!
  4. Four-pin and seven-pin plugs: Many trucks already come with four- and seven-pin connections, but you want to make sure that your new pickup has them to hook up the wiring harness of your trailer that much easier.
  5. Smart haul/tow mode: It used to be that the manual transmission was the way to go when hauling, but now automatic transmissions can have a “smart haul/tow mode” that downshifts sooner to accommodate larger loads and can even delay or disable overdrive.
  6. Electronic trailer sway control: Like electronic stability control on your truck, but for your trailer, helping keep you on track if the trailer starts to sway.
  7. Bed step access: You’re going to be climbing around your bed a lot when you’re towing, and having a step built into the truck bed makes it much more convenient.
  8. Air suspension: Do you want to feel like you’re driving on air? The load-leveling rear air suspension feature does just that, automatically leveling the truck when needed.
  9. Damped tailgates: Sometimes called a “soft open” tailgate, it practically lowers itself with no risk of dropping.
  10. Bed-view camera: Get a look at your truck’s bed and the trailer to make sure everything’s in the right place without having to hop out of the cabin.

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