About Me

I love Cars – It’s An Addiction

These long commutes that we have here in “da Chicagoland area” mean we get a lot of time to just look around. Looking around is great for discovering new things – especially cars you like.

For me, it almost causes issues (ask my wife LOL) – because I see a car, like a car, want to buy or lease a car, then I do. I’ve owned 5 brand new cars in the last 6 years – some would call this extreme.

So to help me with my little addiction to getting a new car every year, I decided to start this blog. I figure if I can scratch the itch by writing, it may subside enough to save my sanity and my paycheck. Here I compare vehicle models based off:

  1. what I see on the road that I like
  2. what the manufacturers themselves tell me are their main competitors
  3. the descriptions given by the manufacturers
  4. what I think based on my knowledge of a vehicle (this is the most important part)

Sometimes, however, I go outside of these “rules” if you will, and I compare vehicles that you wouldn’t think to compare. That’s because our tastes sometimes change depending on how many kids we have, the weather, the need for speed, styling, etc.

I often make comparisons between SUVs and cars, trucks and SUVs, whatever… just because I can.

And I have to think that you guys are similar – you don’t always just go somewhere and test drive only cars, or only mini-vans (ack! I would never own a minivan LOL) rather, you test drive whatever catches your eye – or your wallet if gas mileage is an issue.

At the end of each article here, I will give you “My Pick” based on what I have learned. You are free to disagree and even convince me otherwise if you with, I’m good with it.

Finally, I have fun sometimes – I may compare weird stuff I see – like those crazy ass four-wheel bikes and stuff like that – or maybe a hooptie low rider to a loud-piped import – ya never know.

I also take guest submissions as well – see my contact page here.