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Shapeshifting Goodyear Tires Generate Electricity

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Based on the current market’s concept vehicles, you might be surprised to find out that many of the older concept cars were a bit more idealistic and fantastical, almost as if the designers let their kids draw the initial sketches. The downside to the current realistic view of things is that very few goodyear tiresorganizations are using their imaginations to innovate, but Goodyear is looking to the old days with electricity-producing triple tube tires that shift shapes. And for good measure, they have tread patterns and hubs that look like they’ve come straight from the comic books.

How Do These Tires Work?

By using thermoelectric and piezoelectric materials embedded in the tread, changes in pressure and temperature on the tires will generate electricity just from rolling the tires down the road. Does it sound too good to be true? The science supports it, but we have no idea what the costs of the tires might be.

The biggest potential for these new tires is their ability in electric cars, calming the fears of drivers who worry that their battery could die due to the currently limited charging potential of electric cars. As of right now, Goodyear anticipates three different driving modes on these tires, and alternating between them can help optimize electricity generation and the charging of your car’s battery. We think it’s just a matter of time before these tires join the already commonplace regenerative braking on many new cars, electric or not.

  • An eco/safety position has maximum pressure in the tires’ three tubes to reduce rolling resistance.
  • A center tube with a higher pressure helps reduce rolling resistance and decrease the risk of hydroplaning.
  • The sporty mode increases the amount of contact your tire has with the road by reducing the overall pressure of the middle tube.

While the promo images released for the tires have Lexus and Toyota emblems on the wheels, you should pay them little mind. While those images surely come from a marketing deal, we think you can trust these tires to be available on any new model.

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