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The 660 HP Turbocharged Ferarri 488 GTB To Debut at Geneva Auto Show

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From the moment it made an appearance, the Ferarri 458 was known as the “finest driving car” on the market. While we were sad to find out that the 458 will be discontinued, we can’t wait for the Ferarri 488 GTB to take its place. The new Ferarri 488 GTB will debut at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show in March and is expected to deliver a stronger performance than the 458.Ferrari 488 GTB
<h2″>An Astounding Engine

Just like the Ferarri 458, the 488 GTB will be powered by a 3.9L turbocharged V8 engine that will crack out 660 hp and allow the car to achieve 62 mph in 3.0 seconds flat. Yes, those numbers are correct; there really is no other supercar out there with that kind of power. The 488 GTB will also produce 561 lb-ft of torque when coupled with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission and variable torque management that will ensure smooth torque delivery.

An Impressive Drag Coefficient

Aside from its impressive turbocharged engine, the Ferarri 488 GTB will include a more precise and less invasive Side Slip Control 2 (SSC2) system that will integrate with the F1-Trac and E-Diff systems to provide excellent angle control and greater longitudinal acceleration out of corners. In addition, the SSC2 will control active dampers to keep the 488 GTB flatter and more stable in corners.

Thanks to the smallest drag coefficient Ferarri has ever created, the 488 GTB produces 50% more downforce than the 458 and features active aerodynamics paired with a blown spoiler, base bleed side intakes, and a double front spoiler.

Improved Cabin

The interior of the 488 will be more refined with improved ergonomics than its 458 predecessor. It has also been redesigned with angled air vents, a new instrument panel, improved satellite control clusters, and a new interface and graphics on the infotainment screen. The 488 will also be equipped with a multifunctional steering wheel, wraparound seats, and a control switch bridge. In addition, drivers will notice a clear separation between the dashboard and tunnel as well as other classic Ferarri styling features.

Ferarri Perfects Perfection

We didn’t think life could get any better than the Ferarri 458 but apparently we were wrong. When the new Ferarri 488 GTB makes it way into the Geneva Auto Show, we’ll be updated with pricing information and more details on this exceptional sportscar. Stay tuned!