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Six Fun Car Facts That Will Amaze You

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If you’re reading this, you’re probably a car lover. And though you may be pretty knowledgeable when it comes to the exciting world of automobiles, we guarantee that there are some car facts you’ve never heard before. Here’s a list of six interesting car facts that will blow your mind:two happy women in a car

What Was the Most Expensive Car Ever Made?

The 1931 Bugatti Royale Kellner Coupe was priced at $8.7 million and the most expensive car to ever hit the market. It’s 12.7L engine was originally intended for an airplane and is also one of the largest engines ever used to power a car.

What Was the Last Car Built with a Cassette Player?

We all know that today most cars are manufactured with high-tech infotainment systems instead of CD and cassette players. The last car that was made with a cassette player was the 2011 Ford Crown Victoria, and was available as an option.

How Do Car Sales Work in Malaysia?

One of Malaysia’s car regulations will certainly shock you. When a specific car isn’t selling within a segment, competitors can complain to authorities who will make sure the price of that car is increased to “level” the competition. This regulation caused the Passat CC to skyrocket in price from $80,000 to $90,000!

What is the Craziest Feature on a Saab?

Drivers can use the GM II on a Saab 9-3 SS to play a game of ping pong. They can go to the airbag/SRS system submenu to find an easter egg where a game of pong can be enjoyed thanks to the Tech II option.

What Happens When Someone Wins a Car on a Game Show?

We’ve all seen those game shows where one lucky winner goes home with a free car. These cars are usually given away as an advertisement by the automaker and require the winner to pay sales tax. You may not be as envious of the winner when you learn that these car sales taxes can get pretty expensive. For instance, winning that brand new Escalade will require more taxes than the entire price of a fuel-efficient sedan.

What Exactly is that “New Car Smell?”

That leathery, plasticky smell we experience when we first step foot into a new car is pleasurable and even addictive at times. This “new car smell” is a mixture of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that come from sources such as cleaning compounds, carpeting, leather, paint, and vinyl treatment. Many automakers are actually looking to eliminate this smell from their cars as it can often cause drowsiness, headaches, allergic reactions, and eye irritation.

There you have it. Six surprising facts about cars that you may not have known. Feel free to pass this list on to your fellow car fanatics; we know they’ll be just as amazed!