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Is this the Smartest Rearview Mirror in the World?

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The 2014 SEMA show is over, and it has us wondering if we’ve just seen the smartest rearview mirror in the world. The SmartNav 5 from App-Tronics was awarded Best in Show and ?????????????????????????????????????????????????combines a police radar detector, a rearview camera, navigation, video recording software, and—of course—the ability to see what’s behind your car like a normal mirror.

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Rearview cameras have been making their way into rearview mirrors for a while now to help give drivers a better view of whether or not they can safely back up, and App-Tronics looked at this new technology and asked “why not go further?”

Their SmartNav 5 brings the capabilities of a computer or your average infotainment system to your rearview mirror. By projecting a 5-inch screen into the middle of the mirror, App-Stronics gives you access to a variety of useful driving apps in addition to features like navigation and the police radar detector, but rather than let them get in the way, they are projected translucent on top of the mirror. This lets you still focus on the mirror until you need to focus on your app. Of course, the system also comes with a Bluetooth connection that connects through your audio system.

Then there’s the radar detector, which will display an alert on your rearview mirror whenever it detects radar in use. It also comes with a regularly updated record of speed traps.

With easily accessible buttons alongside the bottom of the mirror and a touchscreen interface, navigating this new mirror is about as intuitive as it can get. We can see why it took home the Best in Show award, and we can’t wait to see the SmartNav 5 in action in one of our vehicles.

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We know that gadgets like these are the kind of thing a lot of drivers get excited about, and we hope you’re just as eager to test out this smart rearview mirror. Be sure to bookmark our blog to get the latest news on cars and car gadgets. And remember to keep an eye on SEMA this time next year; who knows what kind of goodies they’ll have for us.