Bid Them Adieu: 10 Vehicles That Have Been Discontinued for 2016

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Prospective carWhether they vanish due to lack of consumer interest, disappear due to changing trends, or are whisked away to be revamped and renamed, discontinued vehicles are a reality of the ever-fickle automotive world.

For some vehicles, being discontinued is the end of the line; for others, it’s merely a hiatus, allowing dealers to offload surplus inventory while the model is refreshed to return the following year.

Be Gone With You

For 2016, the following 10 vehicles will be doing a vanishing act for one reason or another:

  • Toyota Venza: Toyota’s crossover version of the popular Camry didn’t hit the mark with drivers, with sales figures falling well behind its cousin the Highlander. For that reason, this midsize wagon will not be making an appearance in 2016.
  • Scion xB: Drivers can say sayonara to this Scion model, which has been bumped in favor of the new iM four-door hatchback that will debut in 2016.
  • Scion IQ: Another Scion bites the dust in 2016. The intelligence quotient of this microcar apparently did not add up for car buyers, and Scion is pulling its plug in the new model year.
  • Nissan Xterra: After 15 years and more than 750,000 models sold, Nissan’s truck-based sport utility vehicle has been bumped from the roster due to consumer migration toward compact crossover SUVs.
  • MINI Cooper Coupe and Roadster: Some underdog MINI models are getting the ax in 2016, beginning with the MINI Cooper Coupe and MINI Cooper Roadster.
  • Land Rover LR2: A newer, younger model—the Discovery Sport—is replacing this compact SUV, offering a family-friendly third seat the LR2 didn’t have. C’est la vie.
  • Jaguar XK: Following in the tire treads of the former Jaguar XKE, the XK will get the boot in 2016.
  • Acura Infiniti Q40: With consumers gravitating toward the Q50, the Infiniti Q40 compact sedan—which has already been through the makeover process, having transformed from its former G37 identity to its current incarnation—will shuffle off the automotive coil in 2016, with the Q30 model taking its place.
  • Honda Crosstour: American consumers never quite warmed to this wagon-esque rendition of the popular Accord. For that reason, Honda Crosstour, you have been chopped.
  • Mercedes-Benz M-Class: This midsize SUV is being nudged aside in favor of the GLE-Class in a move that’s more of a renaming than a cancellation.

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